About the Owner, Pat McCracken Jr.

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My name is Pat S. McCracken Jr.

htsbees4.jpgI grew up in Tucson. I know the area, and it’s people. My friends, neighbors and co-workers know my reputation¬†and work ethic. My home is here and my family is here. I know the importance and value of both.

I’ve been employed in the pest control industries here in the Tucson area for over 20 years. My background is primarily in pest control. I have worked in exterminating, inspecting, sales, and management, as well as being an owner of two companies including HTS Bees.

I had the opportunity a few years ago to train alongside Dr. Steve Thoenes of Bee Master Inc., while managing the Bee Division of a major local exterminating company.


I learned how to take care of bee problems in a fast and efficient manner and developed a reputation for treating customers with respect and courtesy. I look forward to the opportunity to do the same for you.

About the Company and the Name “HTS Bees”

A lot of people have asked about the name “HTS Bees” and if it’s an acronym or abbreviation for “Hates Bees”. Quite the contrary, I don’t hate bees. If it weren’t for bees, I wouldn’t have a job; bees are my business, my livelihood. I also know the vital role honeybees play in agriculture and our environment. I appreciate bees for what they do. My job is essentially to see that they don’t do it in places where they present a danger to you and your family, pets or property.

As stated above, I know the value and importance of family and mine is the most important thing in my life. So I named the business after them, in a way. My wife’s and daughters’ first initails; Hayley, Tonia (my wife) and Savanna make the “HTS” in HTS Bees. This choice for the name, I believe, demonstrates the importance of the people in our lives. I want the best for my family, and I’m sure you want the best for yours. That’s why I’m glad you chose HTS Bees for bee removal.

– Pat S. McCracken Jr.
Owner, HTS Bees, L.L.C.